Monday, January 12, 2009


The Gianyar regency was home to Bali’s oldest kingdoms, the Buddhist Warmadewa dynasty in Bedulu – Pajeng that ruled until the 14th century, and another center in Batuan. The conquering Javanese set up court in Samprangan, which later moved east to Gelgel and Klungkung. The area faded in history until the 18th century when the Klungkung family founded Sukawati, a short-lived dysnasty that fell with the rising Gianyar kingdom. Rivals from Sukawati set up courts in Ketewel, Singapadu, Negara, Peliatan, Ubud, and Tegalalang which led to decades of warfare. A powerful Gelgel family in Blahbatuh rose during the 19th century. Dutch assistance Balinese courts in the early 1900s. Gianyar has everything from stone carving and daily Barong-Rangda trance dances in Batubulan, jewelry in Celuk, and a huge art market in Sukawati for the best range of souvenirs including locally made fans and puppets.

Batuan produces fine paintings and masks ; its temple festivals feature rare dances. Mas, kemenuh, Tengkulak and Pujung are woocarving villages, and the Ubud – Peliatan tourist resort area is famous for paintings and galleries. Gianyar town produces colorful woven cloth. Blahbatuh has a faoundry where musical instruments are made. Performances of trance and monkey-chant dance are held in nearby Bona, home to plamleaf crafts and mabmboo furniture. The Bedulu-pejeng area has Bali’s oldest temples, including the Goa Gajah elepahant cave, carved reliefs at yeh Pulu, the huge Samuan tiga comples, fantastic statues at kebo Edan and Pusering Jagat, and the famous bronze moon – gong at Panataran Sasih. The carved temples of Gunung Kawi and the sacred spring of Tirtha Empul are in Tampaksiring, home to bone and coconut-shell carving. Natural beauty abounds with a huge waterfall at Tegenungan and spectacular terraced ricefields at Tegalalang. The Ayung river ofters ratting, and thousands of herons return every sunset at Petulu.
Gianyar is far from Kuta and to Hotel Villa Senyum stil go to sourth Kuta of Canggu.

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