Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bali cycling sport

Now this sport cycling is very much, for in Bali itself is a lot too and of all that there is a special community organizations sports cycling biking Mahaka name, I myself do not know much about this community, which must Mahaka cycling in Bali are well known, and one one member of the cycling sport community is Abien, he's so smart and he was still very young, but has many achievements that have been obtained.
To this day the information I get training in Bali Bedugul area, extremely cold weather makes the field not so good for training Abien. This all I got from facebook Abien information.
hopefully many generations as Abien who love this sport, because it is good for health also reduce air pollution which is useful for the health of us all.
Mahaka cycling is very broad, there is also a suitable Jakarta with video that I see in Abien Facebook.
To know more clearly what it is Mahaka cycling, you can visit his website.

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