Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Negara of Bali

Some of Bali's oldest remains of prehistoric humans have been found in the Jembrana regency. Legend tells that sparsely populated West Bali got that way because its early in habitants were cursed into invisibility for having violated the daughter of a powerful priest. A ruling family related to the Gelgel house was established here in the mid 1400s, but a dispute among its two founders led to civil war and a destruction of the court. For a while the area was considered to be a marginal part of the Badung kingdom, and a prince from Sulawesi set himself up as ruler during the 17th century with little problem. Karangasem nearly took Jembrana in the late 1800s, but Jembrana surrendered peacefully to the Dutch before rival kingdoms were subdued.

Most of Jembrana includes the forests, mountains, and coasts of the West Bali National park and Reserve. Visitors must obtain the necessary permit and guide at the park headquarters in Cekik. You might be lucky to see the rare white Bali starling bird, or maybe hear the roar of the Balinese tiger, long thought to be extinct. Excellent diving and snorkling can be found around Pulau Menjangan island, with the Banyu Wedang hotsprings nearby on the coast. Catch a ferry to Java at Gilimanuk port. Close to the district capital of Negara is the temple of Gede Prancak near a river, while further east the Rambut Siwi complex has magnificent ocean views. A large fishing community has been established at Pengambengan, and there is an excellent surfing beach at Medewi. Cloves are grown on plantations in the foothills around Asah Duren. Bigger is better in Jembrana: huge bamboo xylophones ofthe gamelan jegog accompanies martial arts and dances. Kendang mebarung competitions of large oversized drums are sometimes held. Exciting makepung bull races take place in the villages of Banyubiru and Delod Brawah during the dry season. Joged bumbung groups with flirtatious dancers accompanied by smaller bamboo instruments are popular around Tegal Cangkring. Special of Canggu you can good stay fews farmer, good terrace of Bali Villa Senyum good enjoy for you trip to Bali island.

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