Sunday, December 19, 2010

Season of Bali

For the month of December is the island of Bali is still the rain continues, the tourists both local and international, is still relatively local who came to the island of Bali, many cafes - cafe and restaurant-resntaurant are already preparing for the celebration of the new year and Christmas Day, which is expected soon.
but for the arrival of tourists is relatively decreased compared to last year, yesterday I tried to ask the car rental facilities and motorcycle one of my friends who provide vasilitas said to have been rented motorcycles, just cars that are still available, Bali Autorent is a best-selling car rental companies on the island of Bali is particularly in the area of Kerobokan Kuta. There also is from balikiyaratour which also provide rental cars, motorcycles and serving tours to all areas of existing tourist objects in Bali such as; Kintamani, Ubud, land lots, Uluwatu, Sanur, Batubelig beach and many interesting sights in.

As for the facilities for data transmission connection, such as cafe island of Bali is now no longer cares, almost in all Indonesia regions, especially the island of Bali has a lot to provide one of cafe in Kuta area is the Home Internet that serve what is on the need for Internet users such as : fax, web design, product marketing people call it the language tau Oline shopping carts and others including games online.

Home Internet start-ups a few months and is now actively operating, are here Home The Internet also served rental cars and motorbikes of course there is a link from another relationship.
For more details you can visit to the Home Internet whose address is appropriate in the Home web.

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