Friday, October 19, 2007

Domestic Tour

Bali area for this months, domestic tourism from java caming to Bali specials to Kuta because for this months Moslem have ceremony like Galungan in Bali. Yesterday i try walking on the beach kuta, there is have to much tourism domestic which sameone tourist i speack and they tell me If this months (October Idul Fitri) in java many group about prosesing for Ceremony moslem, I think that good solutions.

They tourist from java usually start caming and parking in kuta gallery and than car comotra pick up they, than drop to big store (present memorries from Bali). Then name Joger store. sametime until trafict car on the street usually outside store Joger. People balinese can happy because product balinese can buy and many product memorries from balinese bring of tourism from java. December months usually many came tourist for group student from java. clasification group usually from high school until univercity. Until now domestic tourist still many, i don't know what date they hang out came again to java. I hope situation about Kuta beach always in the same place good balineese and good tourism because many people have good caracter and many culture about Bali special dancing classic and many like people with that dancing classic balinese.

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