Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Distributor Kopi Luwak

Indonesia is rich in natural products are actually in the interest of the tourists who come from outside Indonesia, one of which is civet coffee (Kopi Luwak).
We sell a civet coffee with exceptional quality and taste, as evidenced by the many already believe with our customer, many of the guests who have enjoyed our products, including from: Korea, Australia, Turkey, Japan and the region it self, especially from Bali Indonesia.
We provide for this type of civet coffee with 2 (two) types are the type of robusta and arabica, the superiority of our product has a distinctive flavor to the civet coffee.

From the results we found in the survey field Luwak coffee is very much at all interested persons, especially of coffee lovers.
For you who have not felt immediately enjoy our taste of civet coffee.

in addition we also provide coffee and coffee Mandheling Toraja coffee which has a unique flavor as well, from both our coffee products also provide the type of robusta and arabica.
For more details you can visit us here.

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