Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What you program about New year 2008

This today already one month more for new years 2008, hope all everything about you ok and better for a life and better you future. By the way how you program for party welcome new year after?, maybe you want go to Bali Indonesia or just party in your country with you familly?, that is good.

About Bali now many place for priparring for party new year 2008, that all usually restaurants, cafe, and place for touring arround Bali like a sanur, bedugul, kintamani, tanah lot, etc.

Special in Kuta beach have usually many people visit to there look for acrobat and dancing on the beach until morning, oh that really good for me, maybe what about you?, I think all the world make pary for welcome new year 2008, and many travel agency busy about trip booking ticketing to beautiful place for party, sameone travel agency from Bali is Perama tour, They have relations trip travelling arround Indonesia and have find trip all tourring.

If the Java like Jakarta (central city) have also party and in there usually have party for walking many people on the street and on clakson like a trompet.
Ok have fun for trip travelling for welcome new year 2008.

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