Friday, February 19, 2010

Bali Hotel Villa

For the current domestic tourist in Bali more and more just, yes maybe to a place outside the tourist island of Bali can not guarantee the satisfaction of natural beauty that the coast is also well maintained. Also for the new villa-villa in the increasingly more and more, this surely will make the big hotels should be more diligent to do promotion anymore.

I myself think of all the tourist that I met, they mostly live in the villa rather than staying in a hotel, their reasons for saving costs is also a better service. Before coming to the island of Bali they will be picked up by employees in the existing villa at Bali's Ngurah Rai airport and usually for its tour packages are also provided in cooperation with the travel tour that has experienced, his example just tirta bali tour, bayu bali adventure, bali kiyara tour, bali chartercar, bali ary transports and others.

Ok maybe this only can I give the news to Bali today, the weather today was overcast, drizzle and for those of you who want to come here should always maintain good health because of rain in Bali almost every day

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hotel Villa Bali

Now in Bali many lodging facilities primarily private villa, almost all of which are still good places in the landscape around the villa for that location. And this we find in many areas such as northern Canggu Kuta, Kerobokan. All the tourist has turned a place to live there.

But for the tourist for the first time to Bali is expected to check in advance to location problems in live to stay, because Bali is now not as before, safety and comfort should be number one. Not a crime that caused by carelessness on each tourist who stayed in the villa, for a vacation you Canggu area you can take advantage of our villa where our villa is safe and nice scenery and the reply you are curious you can visit

And for the area where the cheap shopping you go to the market bias delinquent, where all the needs of food and vegetables is very cheap, as well as the fruits are very cheap. Because the villas and hotels, shopping at the market all the naughty side to get great benefits can also choose the foods and fruits are fresh and cheap.
You need to know now for the weather Bali rain often, but not every day, but not every day despite the rain we must be vigilant by always carrying an umbrella and a coat for travel, all this to avoid future we are not sick.

Maybe it's just a story Bali problems, other times the connection again.

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