Monday, November 5, 2007

November rain

This now Indonesia have exchange season, which that all area in Indonesia have change and that season start rains (monsoon), many place around Indonesia accident big flood and for Bali alone now government for Badung service all place drains to all focus of nostalgic flood that service drains focus in area Kuta and Tuban because if cloudburst in that area always flood on street and many transportation little have problem about activities and that flood height until 30 – 45 cm, and for volume tourist came visit to Bali I see can process changeover , good in trading or economic. All hotels and villas still have guest for holydays in Bali.

But for November this month visiting tourist came to Bali can speak prevalent because all from tourist came to Bali little it and rate dollars for this months still stabile, this is because start stabile economic and politic in Indonesia good. However specials for area north Kuta tourist have business in Bali more and more for enlarge business, you can see and evidence came to Canggu, In there have many big building like a villa and hotels and for anticipate about culture Balinese spirant from that place, government Badung Bali have use array about investors have trading hotels and villas in north Kuta. Which that array have intention for culture and place for ceremony for Balinese temple.

For investors guest in legian Kuta about price for rent place like art shop now high price but that investors have big spirit for business trading. For local owner have place for rent business have spirit for up about price because for this now all product process high.
Usually owner place have competitions price for guide guest about all product sale in Bali.

We hope conditions this time about traveling to Bali good and better for quality from Indonesian people good smart. And can thinking what we better for future object tour around Indonesian.

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