Friday, April 23, 2021

Learning how you make knitting

We try explained to you about knitting for your business, products knit to many style and design can be also application to cloth, this knits uses system must details for measurement for get fixed and good products, for example make Pants Knits for Child, this you must to know first about how many ply for yarns, what color you need and when after already good you just get grading size, like size M to S and etc. Special knit for kids usually size used in size 0,1 Year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year and 5 year but that all must any confirmation by your customer and before make some sample, you must make some swatches same like the design after for production and get measurement make it.
This very important about measurement or people call specsize for knits like some company Dev's Collection in Bali, this company make all design child, girl and man productions. Dev's Collection Knitting already familiar in Bali and all people already know, many portfolio product already they make it and already many product have for many customers.
Step for process knit product is :
sent or show to your factory knit for design and show to them for specsize also for color, usually each company available for catalogue color yarn and what type you want like, cotton yarns, acrylic yarn or anysa yarns.
when already finish explained to your customer please you try make swatches, make measurement and try good color and all that ok just make process for samples.
ok when you customer say OK you easy for productions and get big order, good lucky for knit people for get this business

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