Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The cool, mountainous regency of Bangli was long rought over by rulers from neighboring kingdoms, for here lies Lake Batur, the major source of irrigation water for most of South and East Bali and parts of the north. The ruling house emerged during the early years of the Klungkung kingdom during the 1700s to which it is related. In the mid 1800s Bangli sought Dutch protection from Klungkung, Karangasem, and Buleleng, but by the end of the 19th century it was joining its farmer enemies against powerful Mengwi to the west. Due to its early recognition of the Dutch, Bangli was spared during the conquest of South Bali in the early 1900s. The steady ascent through Bangli passes through tidy villages and roads lined with groves of bamboo and coffee. In Bangli town the ancient Kehen temple is under a huge banyan tree. Celebrations feature ritual baris warrior dances with different weapons, and towering offering fill the courtyards every 3 years.

Nearby is the Sasana Budaya Art Center with occasional art exhibitions and performances. The view beyond the town from Bukit Demulih is breathaking. An interesting village is Penglipuran, with its neatly rerraced street. Higher up on Mount Batur at Penelokan are spectacular views of the active volcanic cone and peaceful lake below. In the village of Kintamani is Pura Batur a huge complex of temples for the lake goddess, perched on the crater rim. Beyond the village in Penulisan is Tegeh Koripan, and ancient and mysterious temple often hidden by mists and reached by a long flight of steps. A winding road leads down into the crater to the soothing Toya Bungkah hotsprings at the edge of lake Batur. Hiking up the volcano is possible. The Balai Seni Art Center has spacious gardens and a library. Across the lake is Trunyan where the dead are left exposed to the elements. visitors may see this cemetery but not the huge statue housed in a towring pagoda in the village. A rarely held festival features wooden ferris wheels and masked dancers who whip bystanders and more visit to tour in Bali canggu you can good stay and enjoy in Villa Senyum or sameone Hotel In Bali, there good service for guest international or domestic guest.

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