Thursday, January 10, 2008

Monkey forest, temple of mengwi and tanah lot

This tour take 4 hours. We go first to Mengwi to visit Pura Taman Ayun, a temple from 17 century. This is a royal family temple. This temple is big. There are three parts. First part there is a wantilan, a building for cock fighting and profane dance. Cock fighting is important for Balinese Hindu because it is a sacrifice for bad spirits. The cock, at least one, will be killed. Sometimes both die because of knives used. The blood of the cocks are sacrifice for evil spirits. The second part is a bit higher than the first. It is for musician playing music to accompany the ceremony. The last part or the third part is the holliest part the most sacred one. There are shrines, temples or merus with black roof . this part is specially for praying to God and oehter spirits and ancestors.

The ceremony takes places twice a year. Every six month the family of the king celebrate with local peoples of the village. Then we continue to monkey forest. There are many monkey, small gray monkey named macaca. They are not bad, not aggressive. There are also bats, big one on the top of the tree. There are more and more monkeys

Tanah lot is only 30 minutes from the forest. We go south from the forest and it is a temple of district Tabanan. The temple itself dates back to16 century. It is a small temple on the sea. When high tide, Hindu people will be wet if they cross to the temple. This temple is for fishermen, farmers to pray for good harvest and have a lot of fishes when they go to the see….the sunset at this location is also very beautiful and unforgettable.
For that reason the tourist from many countries come and visit Bali…. Peoples of Tanah lot also pay respect to a high priest, Hindu priest who came to the location and visited villages near by and made good things to people. Now people also respect the priest. After the sunset we go back home, to hotel in Sanur. We go east from Tanah lot and we will pass the town Denpasar the capital of Bali and not far from Denpasar we will arrive at Sanur again

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