Thursday, January 10, 2008


Barong dance and volcano tour. We start from sanur village and take the road to batubulan village. We need around 30 minutes from the hotel. We go north passing the high way so that make it quicker to arrive at the village. Barong and rangda dance is very famous dance for visitors, foreigners or local visitors from Indonesia like Jawa, Sumatra and other island in Indonesia. Barong is a lion but mythical and is a symbol of good spirit and also protector of peoples and villages in bali.

While rangda is a widow who is practicing black magic is symbol or evil or bads spirits. Boths of them is a symbol of eternal fight or struggle of good and evil on the world. But there is no winner in the end. Because on the world always exist good and bad. In this dance wewill see also kris dance. Kris dance is peoples with sword or Kris on the hand try to kill evil but they can not kill the bad spirits in figure of rangda because rangda is too strong for them.

The magic power of rangda refuse them and make them in bad condition, they are confusing and stab their body instead of killing the rangda. This dance take an hour. It is very nice and interesting because we will know Balinese culture and life. After the dance we continue our tour to visit villages of arts like jewellery at celuk village that specially make many things from silver and gold. There are many galleries of silver and gold. Nearly all families work in silver and gold. After celuk there is a Balinese house compound to visit to know the situation inside Balinese family.

There is a family temple that is located at northeast direction of the compound because the direction is sacred. Near the temple there is an open pavilion, building for the dead people before being cremated or buried. The family put the body there and also give offerings like food, coffee or tea for the soul of the dead. There is a building for parent and baby and teenagers for sleeping. Also there is a kitchen and granary that are located at southwest direction, the impure direction, not sacred one. The pigs or cows and chicken are on the southwest position. So the Balinese house consists of several buildings. We call it traditional house.

We leave celuk village and continue our tour passing the village of sukawati the famous art market village. In the market of sukawati we can find many things. Most of all, artwork like woodcarving, paintings, clothes and soon. The next village is mas, the village of woodcarver. There are ebeny, sandal, hibiscus, teak, mahogany, crocodile wood and soon. In bali the village of, mas is the center of wood carving in Bali. What about ubud. Ubud is famous for paintings. There are young artist style, traditional or abstract style in good quality. There a market and palace in the center of ubud. The town is very beautiful, nice.

It is green and the buildings are very nicely decorated with Balinese artworks. We pass ubud and we take the road to Tampaksiring. The village is not far from the mountain. So it is not so hot but cool. In the village of Tampaksiring we visit a holyspring temple called pura tirta empul that dates back to eleven century. There is a pool where hindu people can take bath after praying. It means that taking a bath in the pool here is only on a special occasion. For example, after having a bad dream at night or may be after get sick people with the offering they go there for wash their head and body,for purification. Certin peoples also go there for baptizing their new cars. It is a beautiful temple. Then we go to the mountain and we will see a very nice view of volcano and lake batur in kintamani village.

This volcano is still actif but in a small activity. last eruption was 1994. we can see black lava and the lake is nice. We stand on a hill that 1300 m high over sea level. The people around the mountain live of farming plantiong vegetables, onions, cabbages and fishing on the lake Batur. There are a lot of karpers and other kind of fish. We can have lunch at the restaurant located in a very nice place to see the view of the volcano and lake. Some visitors climb to the peak of volcano to see the sun rise. They start climbing at 4 and arrive at 6 at the top. It is every amazing view when the sun rise…

After lunch we can go to hotel through the country side and small road passing the rice field to see peoples working on their paddy field…

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