Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Special Bali Knitting

bali knits
Knitting already famous in world fashion all the country, We are special knitting from Bali, to much pcs design and motif we already export to many country, like to Australia, China, Germany, Italia, Espanyol and more country other.
We always priority for service, quality control, sizing and always follow instructions by our customers. For collections we already much motif, design all type fashion like: dress, top, short, pant, mini dress, long dress and accessories knit like beanies, blanket and etc. 
If you visit to that company to easy, just searching with "Bali Knitting" that directly to factory knits. Special for productions with big quantity we must have some deal and fixed about samples, for the this process samples this one we must have details fixed instructions about color, yarns type, how many ply yarns make it knits and sizing. When have deal or done with that samples we must sent or show to customers first for check it. If Ok and have confirm by customers we just wait or process productions same like fixed samples them, but we must check first about yarns ready stock, if nothing material we always confirm material ready stock minimum 2 weeks we get it from our supplies yarns.
Ok guest we think that for the instructions for knits  please more details you just visit to Bali Knitting Factory in google map.

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