Saturday, November 24, 2018

How Good Relationship Working

Cooperation agreements in a company must be clear and transparent, now I have cooperated with a company where the system that we have built is unclear, the status that I run is still unclear, incidentally the two companies are engaged in silver jewelry manufacturer, consistent and the commitment does not yet exist, as if I was utilized by the company.
in the past few days I will ask for a clear and transparent system, our communication has diminished, the value of loyalty has diminished, the relationship is not good, the performance is not clear.
all of that I have to be firm and in accordance with the system that has been agreed to by me and my work relations.
For this reason, for those of you who are undergoing a cooperative relationship with a company, you must create a written system that is approved by you and your work relationship.
if there is no agreement you will experience discomfort, no pleasure in work and not enthusiasm.
therefore if cooperation will be successful you and your work relationship must help each other, communicate with each other well, there is no suspicion and always transparent in any case related to cooperation.

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