Sunday, February 9, 2014

Seminyak Booking Villas

Information in Bali about villa rental and villa sale already to much and for real and location villa around Bali we need no direct to Owner, why?.. mindset from Seminyak Booking Villas to many agency for property, usually the owner to big competition promo and make advertiser that system online or offline. For the example promo offline used brochure, put paper with have read "villa for rent" on the way, change information with other guest, share networking and etc.

For promo online like is : maked website for content property villas and hotel, SEO (search engine optimization), put banner on the newspaper, put banner on the magazine, put information in the program radio and television.

Now already to much facilities promotion for your business about property, the familiar market for each villa like is : booking villas, rumah123, agoda and more-more big portal like facebook, twitter etc. But that all facilities market online and offline we must have good services for costumer and for repeat rent (that for daily, monthly and yearly) still have. We not familiar if we do it for self, we must have joint with other network with some people (that owner or daily clean in the villas rent or sale), and many trick for how can we meet something direct to owner.

For the tips how make it many booking in your business property :
1. Hunting information about data/file villa is valid.
2. Try call for have meet about your villas, house or hotel for appointment relations ship business.
3. You must have draft for appointment relations ship before you meet with the owner or manager villas.
4. Ask for the original rate from the owner villas.
5. Follow up for pending with your business with owner or manager villas.
6. Optimization for all your content in your website.

Ok guest i think this just information from us: Seminyak Booking Villas.

If have wrong content with tips or write : Seminyak Booking Villas apologize to you.
Wish you success in your business property.

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