Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bali Surfer

For you trip to Bali have spesification tour around Bali like for people surfer they must know about visit good surfing place and good wind for surfing around Bali.
Someone place special surfing us; Canggu, Kuta, Padang-padang, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Serangan this all place good for surfing and many guest from all the world already try, if you stil not yet play to someone place you must get information about that place, that information can get from book lonelyplanet, map or from site balipitsurf.
For good play surfing on the beach usually May, June, April, September and for no good surfing in Bali usually August, December, and middle January that bad wave and to big wind, I think better you must consultation to senior surfer.

Bali surf good for sportwater and other good sportwater like parasailing, diving, rafting, snorkeling this good also and that place good for diving in Senggigi island in Lombok, for good parasiling in Nusa Dua, rafting sport you can visit to Ubud, and more place interesting good for sportwater.
If you interesting from that all sportwater you can get information from our site like bayubaliadventure, tirtabalitour and baliautorent, this site good experience travel. We know if you holliday to Bali here many many information guide from internet, but that all information not all right... please you must selective for get guide tour travel.

One more time if you want buy for surfing we have good service and good quality product, that place shop in the pit shop, this shop sale all brand new one and second lasing surfing board and accessories surf.
Ok guest have fun holiday if you coming to Bali..

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