Monday, September 22, 2008

Bali Bombings Cover-Up: New Seasons

Released on Youtube and Googlevideo this week, FOOL ME TWICE, exposes the camouflage of the Bali bombings and provides affirmation that it was a Falseflag Operation. The blur begins by documenting the Australian government’s above-mentioned ability of the Indonesian military’s plan to use abandon to advance freedom over East Timor. Contrary to The Howard Governments claims they argued adjoin peacekeeping armament acceptance the Indonesian Appropriate Armament to backpack out their attack of abhorrence and suppression.

Within 24 hours of the 2002 Bali bombings a aggregation of FBI, UK appropriate agents and Australian federal badge started accession in Bali. The analysis aggregation continuously claimed altered atomic accessories were amenable for the capital blast. Days afterwards the attacks, Indonesian Badge Chief, General Dai’ Bachtier, appear that the FBI had apparent C4 pointing the accusation appear Jemaah Islamiah, JI (“SE Asia addition of Al qaeda”). Eventually, board assured that the capital atomic accessory was a potassium chlorate car bomb. C4 was never included in final reports.

The capital atomic accessory was so able it actively damaged barrio in a 2/400 accent ambit and larboard a 1 accent deep, 10 accent advanced crater. 202 bodies asleep in the blasts, the majority incinerated from the capital atomic device. Board bound biconcave the atrium capacity and dumped the actual bits off the bank of southern Bali, including absolutely bare accurate reinforcing bars. Potassium chlorate is a low acceleration atomic and does not accept the overpressure force to actualize a 1 accent abysmal atrium or absolutely bake humans, let abandoned band concrete. Only a high-tech atomic accessory has the ability to band concrete.

FBI claims of C4 appear by General Dai’ Bachtier, ensured Jemaah Islamiah was anon abhorrent for the Bali bombings. All above-mentioned intelligence of the Bali bombings came from so alleged JI leader, Omar Al-Faruq. Omar Al-Faruq was secretly handed over to the US by Indonesia months above-mentioned to the bombings beneath the CIA’s amazing arrangement program. Australian intelligence agencies appear that intelligence acquired from captured “JI suspect”, Omar Al-Faruq, warned of accessible agitator attacks in Bali. Afterwards the attacks the Bush administering denied admission to Al-Faruq for analytic in the Bali bombing trials. When Omar Al-Faruq was aback alleged by US cloister to accommodate affirmation in a balloon of addition agitator doubtable – he had “escaped aerial aegis prison”. No JI leaders accept anytime been brought to trial.

Prior to the Bali bombings the Indonesian government denied the actuality of terrorists aural Indonesia and adjoin US anti-terror operations in Afghanistan. Afterwards the bombings President Megawati active a collective account – “Agreeing that agitation poses a connected blackmail to all-embracing accord and security, and that the two Presidents are committed to acceptable their mutual cooperation in the action adjoin terrorism”. The Bush administering provided funds to the Indonesian badge and aggressive and bureaucracy a civic agitation assemblage beneath the ascendancy of civic badge chief, General Dai’ Bachtier.

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