Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dont Forget Buy Handicraft In Kuta

Talking end to end Bali, there is a lot of beautiful and interesting places to visit for a month ga you around on Bali, I think, it's not enough to explore graceful Deities beautiful island. Firstly, if you go to Bali, please contact your guide that you need to undergo Kuta, and I guarantee that you get some experience that no degree same with your other visit.

Interesting places around Kuta ? Here are Some Simple Guidance.

Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach is very famous. You can comment on the beautiful sunset on the beach everyday. In that place is a large number of hotels, restaurants and other places where you can relax by pure stay or enjoy the beautiful sunset. The International hotels / cities as Mercure Hotel Hard Rock Hotel etc or any other restaurants just a couple steps sand. You do not believe what is imaginary, until you come and be happy with it. You may go around to other place, but do not remember to go in favor Kuta beach around 04.00 hours o clock to enjoy the sunset. If you want to surf or just want to learn about surfing, you know that Kuta is the right place for it. There are many tourists from Europe to the U.S. or Australia or other countries come in Kuta for one thing, surfing and surfing.

Bali water Boom.

course you can use the best water tree in Indonesia in Kuta. There is clean, much foliage with a barely leaves and security. Here is the place to swimming, sunning, and you could do the sliding water as high as 30 meters height. This city lies at Kartika Plaza Road (about 3 kilometers from Kuta Beach). There are many hotels, restaurants, cafes and through the Kartika Plaza Road. You can craft souvenirs at this place.


Through these streets, you testament find many souvenir shops and cafe / restaurant. As in Kuta beach, the nightlife in Legian is very attractive. I recommend that you keep a picture in Bali Bomb II Monument on Legian.

Kuta Square - Kartika Plaza.

Kartika Plaza in Kuta Square is the center of the sale of the exported handicrafts. On Kartika Plaza is a shopping mall called Discovery Mall is a shopping mall cafe on behind that you can relax and enjoy the beach. And you can see the handiwork at this mall the way. At the Discovery Mall is known there are several places likely Kuta Centro Musro, Comedy Cabaret, there is much more luxury hotels through the Kartika Plaza Road.

Visit to Indonesia? Not limited to endure in Bali, if you visit to Bali, do not forget to stay in Kuta, and in the wake of all are the beautiful and interesting side really made crafts, souvenir and gift.

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