Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cruise, destination and luxury seminars kick off THETRADESHOW

Thursday, May 31, 2007
This year’s THETRADESHOW (Sept. 9-11, Las Vegas) will kick off with a day of niche education, all in keeping with the day’s theme of cruise, luxury and destination travel. Other themes include Home-based Agents (Monday, Sept. 10) and Business and Technology on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

The educational curriculum was shaped by strategic partners as National Tour Association (NTA), U.S. Tour Operators Association (USTOA), National Business Travel Association (NBTA), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), ASTA and The Travel Institute.

Seminars focusing on the themes or cruise, destination and luxury travel that have already been scheduled are:

Business Building Secrets from Luxury Experts (Panel). Moderated by Kate Koziol. A panel of luxury travel industry experts will address the factors that have made them successful and what they have learned in their rise to the top of this highly sought-after market. The panel will cover such topics as which new opportunities are available to help travel agents expand their work in the luxury sector. Luxury Travel: What It Is and What You Need to Know to Sell It. Presented by Sharon Scott, CTC. This seminar will prepare attendees to be a part of this hot new travel trend. Travel agents will learn what sets apart the luxury travel market and the benefits of specializing in luxury travel as well as gain insight into marketing and sales for the luxury market. Matching the Right Tour Product to the Client–and Winning Customers for Life. Presented by Mark McMullen, CTC. Travel professionals will learn techniques for qualifying and closing sales, as well as which cruise products are the ones they should be selling and why. Attendees will review examples of effective product and customer “matching.” Professional Selling Skills. Courtesy of Cruise Lines International Association and presented by Bernie Blomquist, CTC, MCC. Geared toward the front-line counselor who has some experience but wants to sharpen their sales skills, in this seminar agents will learn how to overcome common challenges and add value for each cruise sale completed. (Earn 10 CLIA credits toward ACC and MCC designations.) Special Interest Marketing. Courtesy of Cruise Lines International Association and presented by Bernie Blomquist, CTC, MCC. Travel professionals will learn proven strategies to help them reach and satisfy their niche cruise clients with mainstream and specialized cruise products alike. (Earn 10 CLIA credits toward ACC and MCC designations.)

Sure Fire Ways to Increase Your Share of Luxury Cruise and Tour Products – Offline and Online. Presented by Mark McMullen, CTC. Attendees will learn about the psychology involved in selling luxury products as well as successful sales and marketing strategies both online and offline. Attendees will leave the seminar with real-world examples of effective luxury product sales techniques that will win them more group and FIT business. Sharpening Your Edge: Reinventing Yourself as a Seller of Luxury Travel. Courtesy of The Travel Institute. Presented by Jeff Drew, CTC. This seminar is geared to travel agents looking to break into the luxury market or who are selling luxury travel and want to increase their sales volume. Travel buyers will learn how to: identify their own luxury travel clients; market to local luxury travelers; and develop their staff to reflect their new image. Destinations such as Jamaica, Alaska, Madrid, United Kingdom, Berlin, Korea, Puerto Rico, Peru and Jordan will be on hand to provide agents with destination education or product seminars. In addition to these special presentations, more than 80 destinations will be exhibiting in the trade show; agents can pre-schedule appointments to meet with them one-on-one.

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